Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Community Helpers

Being new to Reception age children, I have found myself spending many hours surfing the net trying to find inspiration for the topics I am working on.  I recently completed my first topic of the term 'Community Helpers'. Below is rundown of my favourite activities which inspired both myself and the children in my class.

Play Areas:  During the topic we set up a hospital/doctors surgery in our classroom.  Key words were stapled to the wall to help the children whilst they play wrote.  I also gave them laminated copies of a doctors form, where the children were able to draw circles and mark the patients ailments,  The class really enjoyed circling the body parts.  Children loved dressing up as doctors and nurses and fixing the class teddy bears.

 Another favourite play area, was the setting up of a 'fire' area in our outdoor space.  Children drew flames on the wall and had a fantastic time dressing up as firemen and dousing the fires with pretend hosepipes (plastic tubing).  They also loved riding in the pretend fire - engine.

We visited the local fire station and this really added to the children's excitement.  We also had a visit from the local police who drove the children around our playground in their police car.

I found some great art resources on sparklebox.co.uk including a 'Make a disguise' cut out worksheets.  The class creating a disguise for the baddy, it was a great activity for their fine motor skills.

Children also created fire trucks, buildings on fire and drew pictures on their visit from the police.

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